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About Me

About me? Hmmmm. Not much to tell. I'm a geekette, and a jockette. I like cycling, camping, hiking, skiing, traveling, and most outdoors stuff. I like fiddling with things. I like fiddling with my computer, my bike, even my car sometimes. My love of fiddling is what got me into my current line of work - Web Development. Notice that I said "development" and not "design". As you can see by this page, I don't have much of a flare for design. And if you think this page is bad, you should have seen my previous one.

I have fair CSS skills, but I do most of my work in ColdFusion. It's what my office uses, which sort of dictates my skillset. I like chatting on IRC, and spend completely too much time there. If you know where to look, you can actually find some smart people, and even pick up a few things if you're not careful.

Other triva about me would include the fact that I used to race bicycles, used to ski race, and I hold a 3rd degree black belt in Kempo (aka Kenpo) Karate. No, I'm not single, and no, you can't see my pic. Sorry!


These days I find myself riding more and more. I enjoy the fitness and relaxation of riding, where I can spend hours at a time in solitude or among other friends who ride. I do some of my best thinking on my bike, and I sometimes joke with friends that if I were to ever become president of a country, I could solve all the world's problems if you just keep me on that damn bike!

In 2008, I logged 6180 road miles, consumed hundreds of gallons of water, ate around 400 power bars, and applied about 50 lbs of sunblock. I ride a Serotta Concours with Campagnolo Chorus components. I also have a Cannondale R600 road bike, as well as a Cannondale Gary Fisher mountain bike, though I mostly ride the Serotta. Serotta is no longer i business, but they did make fantastic bikes when they were.


Since I'm such a tinkerer, I suppose it comes as no surprise that I prefer Linux. I can tinker morning, noon, and night. And if it works perfectly (which is almost always), I can just break it and start tinkering again. I like being able to customize the OS to be exactly the way I want it, and not having to worry much about virii and malware is a bonus.

My distribution of choice us ubuntu. It's incredibly easy to install and configure, and the support is outstanding. I tend to stick with the LTS releases rather than upgrading with every new version. Keeps me sane that way.

My preferred Linux apps are:

I use the Cinnamon desktop environment, which IMO is one of the better ones. But there are lots of other options, which is the beauty of OSS.